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  • Back pain & opioids
    Back pain is a leading precursor to opioid prescriptions, and half of the opioid overdose deaths in the U.S. Back pain is the second most common excuse for people not Read more
  • Why Magnesium?
    Occasionally, patients ask about the ingredients in the nutritional supplements that we carry. One of these preparations is Formula 303, a homeopathic natural relaxant. Since many chiropractic patients suffer from Read more
  • Young spines
    How soon should a child be adjusted? Can a child be too young to be adjusted?These questions are often asked by parents and grandparents. A growing and developing spine is Read more
  • New pain management standards for hospitals
    The Missouri Orthopedic Institute, a branch of the University of Missouri Health System, has added chiropractic to its list of available services. The patients who visit the Institute are now Read more
  • Developing an exercise lifestyle
    Developing a healthy lifestyle is important for healthy aging. The choices we make today will affect our health, capacity to function, and ability to enjoy our lives as we age. Read more
  • My creed
    As a chiropractic physician, I ascribe to the ideas that prevention is better than a cure, and thatbeing your best is the key to achieving balance, wellness, and the highest Read more
  • Time to say "no" to codeine
    Organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the European Medicines Agency, have issued very stern warnings about the occurrence of adverse side Read more
  • What is Health?
    The general definition of health that most of us grew up with, and which most medical practitioners subscribe to, is that “health is the absence of symptoms and disease.”A more Read more
  • Drug-free pain management
    September is “Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month.”This month has been designated by the Society for Healthcare Strategy and the American Hospital Association to promote the use of non-addictive methods of Read more
  • Kudos to Consumer Reports
    The June 2017 issue of Consumer Reports magazine had an article, "The Better Way to Get Back Pain Relief." The author, Teresa Karr, presents a well-rounded discussion of back pain, Read more
  • Focus for August: Healthy Aging
    As much as we may wish it were possible, we can’t stop the hands of time. We are all aging. You can’t compare yourself to what you were yesterday. Nobody Read more
  • Healthy skin is in
    Have you thought lately about how the largest organ in your body is doing? I’d like to share some thoughts with you from one of our nutritional supplement providers, Standard Read more
  • Nutrition insight for menopause
    Of all the changes women experience during their reproductive life, there is no doubt the most dreaded are the three phases of menopause. This is not surprising since all of Read more
  • Focus on sleep
    A good night’s sleep can be elusive for many people. Some may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. They may also have difficulty relaxing or calming down before bedtime. Read more
  • The opioid crisis is here!
    As a chiropractor, I am not licensed to prescribe medications. In my practice, I do not encourage the use of powerful medications for my patients, for several reasons. Prescription pain Read more
  • Don't let the label fool you
    When looking at your next purchase in the grocery store, I want you to be aware of some food labels that can fool you!“Multigrain”  These foods have more than one Read more


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