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We value our patients' experience at South Square Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Chester Palumbo
Your Durham Chiropractor

"I've been going to Dr. Palumbo for years. My continued "preventative maintenance" does so much good for this aging body of mine. He and Anne have always been kind, courteous, professional, and compassionate. It's wonderful care, and I offer my highest recommendation."

J.M., age 38

"I have been to Dr. Palumbo for a few months but in that time, he has helped me tremendously. The entire staff is awesome. Nice, relaxing atmosphere. Great experience."

T.O., age 53

“All of my efforts at total body renovation via diet, exercise, tai chi, and acupuncture were falling short. My joints still ached and I was needing daily doses of NSAIDs. I was not excited about the idea of chiropractic intervention, but Dr. Palumbo came very highly recommended by a friend who has multiple muscular and skeletal issues. The results, though gradual, were astonishing! The procedures were not without some discomfort at time and multiple visits and procedures were required. But considering the alignments that needed correction, this is no wonder. The road to correction was also aided by information about stretches and exercises that I could do at home plus tips for proper posture, briefcase and purse carrying techniques, and compresses for anti-inflammation. Dr. Palumbo is personable and perceptive as well as being a highly experienced practitioner. His office staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and efficient. I could not have asked for a more positive experience!”

L.H., age 67

“When I went to Dr. Palumbo I was experiencing extreme hip pain which prohibited even my ability to sleep. Dr. Palumbo listened to all of my concerns and, in addition to my adjustment, recommended several stretching exercises. The adjustment immediately alleviated my pain significantly. I followed up with several more visits and now I'm happy to report that ALL pain is COMPLETELY gone!!!

Dr. Palumbo is very knowledgable and seems to genuinely care -- which is rare in today's society. Most importantly, he didn't rush and answered all of the multiple questions I had regarding my condition. Needless to say, I am definitely pleased and will continue to seek his services for all of my chiropractic needs.”

C.S., age 60

“I've been seeing a chiropractor for about a decade and decided to give Dr. Palumbo a try. I initially went in due to knee pain of which my previous chiropractor could not relieve. He relieved it in one visit. I have been visiting him regularly now for over 1 year and he has helped me greatly. In addition to my monthly adjustments which I would recommend for every mature adult he has helped me to strengthen my joints with supplements. This, in return has given me the strength and energy to work out and I have now begun to strengthen my core as most chiropractors recommend. Strengthening your core is great, but if you don't have the energy and your joints sound like gristle popping when you exercise, then it is difficult to do. Older, mature individuals can relate to what I am saying. Dr. Palumbo has skills, intelligence and common sense. My brother now goes to see him and I would recommend him to all my friends. Thanks.”

J.H., age 43

"Dr Palumbo is always available, always improves my condition and is the Dr. I've gone to for many years and really appreciate his services."

M.B., age 58

"Dr. Palumbo was key to helping me understand and resolve my back pain, which I had almost every day for over a year. Along with my PT and regular (1/month) visits to see Dr. Palumbo I am now relatively pain free. He answers questions clearly and concisely, is flexible in scheduling appointments, rarely have to wait in lobby and is very friendly as is Anne his assistant. Dr. Palumbo goes out of his way to inform and help advance all aspects of his patient's health. He's great!"

L.B., age 50

"I have been going to Dr. Palumbo since 1999 & it is amazing the relief he is able to give with adjustments. I'm all about natural solutions to health issues without prescription drugs & Dr. Palumbo is the best chiropractor in this area. If you've tried prescription drugs or physical therapy & still having pain, please call Dr. Palumbo & you will be surprised how much better you will feel after your 1st visit! Don't delay, call him today!"

F.M., age 64

"Multiple dates of chiropractic care, covered by Medicare and supplemental insurance plan. Very well."

M.C., age 71

"A friendly person, Dr. Palumbo’s adjustments effectively make alignments that ease physical stress and pain. In addition, he is very accommodating to find a spot quickly for an appointment when I unexpectedly need one. I always feel better after an adjustment."

D.P., age 80

"Excellent, polite, efficient service."

L.C., age 55

"I received service from South Square Chiropractic Care, I was impressed with the office professionalism. I feel my treatment helped me to get my life back on track. There was a time that I couldn’t lean over a desk without feeling major pain. I no longer feel that pain. Thanks Dr. Palumbo for his professional attention to my health needs!"

C.P., age 51

"Appointment was on time--source of my pain was quickly identified and relief was almost immediate."

S.C., age 62

"South Square Chiropractic is awesome. I started going there several years ago when I was facing surgery for bone spurs in my neck that were causing horrible pain down my left arm. Dr. Palumbo worked with me for weeks and finally got rid of that pain by ensuring my neck was aligned. Saved me undergoing surgery and a long recovery."

C.F., age 62

"I have been going to South Square Chiropractic for more than a year now. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The after-treatment results are very tangible. I would definitely recommend the South Square Chiropractic to anyone who is willing to try a pill-less solution for pain relief!!"

S.A., age 27

"Hello. My name is Charles Thurston, and South Square Chiropractic has been wonderful for me and my wife. Dr. Palumbo and Anne are very good to work with. Any time we have appointments, it's right on time. Great service and glad to be a client."

C.T., age 50

"I have been a patient with Dr. Palumbo for several years. I cannot say enough about how effective he continues to be regarding my overall health. I am 80 years of age and have no aches or pains because of my visits to him."

L.B., age 80

"I have been receiving the best of care from South Square Chiropractic. It is very easy to get an appointment, and from the moment I walk in until I leave, I feel that my best interest is at the heart of their care. I am able to keep up with both an active work and social life thanks to the care I receive there."

M.C., age 71

"I was referred to Dr. Palumbo by a church friend, and I was able to immediately get an appointment. Dr. Palumbo listened to my complaints, immediately found my problem, and went to work on giving me relief. Two days after the treatment started, I was 75% better. Even though I'm feeling better, I'm going to stay with him for maintenance."

S.F., age 60

“I first went in to see Doctor Palumbo years ago when I was having a back issue and then didn't return for some years until I again had a flare up. I have since enjoyed the benefits of about a once every 5-6 week visit to keep things in line and have had no issues since. I highly recommend Dr Palumbo.”

B.D., age 49

“Dr. Palumbo is a highly trained professional. He and his staff are always prompt and courteous. I have received a tremendous benefit from this practice, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in need of chiropractic care.”

M.S., age 61

"Dr. Chester Palumbo and Staff are readily available, sensitive, efficient, effective, and resourceful. My routine adjustments by Dr. Palumbo have kept me vertigo and back pain free for years. After my cancer treatments, Dr. Palumbo has been helpful in demonstrating exercises to re-strengthen my weakened muscles... I am grateful to have access to Dr. Chester Palumbo's excellent Chiropractic care..."

R.T., age 72

"I am very happy with the service I receive from Dr. Palumbo and his staff. There is minimal wait time, they are flexible to work with my schedule, and I always feel better when I leave the office."

B.L., age 64

"I've seen Dr. Palumbo regularly for many years. I first went to him after a car accident where I suffered whiplash. He did a tremendous job alleviating my pain and helping me heal. Ever since, I go for monthly treatments to keep myself aligned and feeling good. Great results!"

J.C., age 56

"Dr. Palumbo is a highly trained professional. He and his staff are always prompt and courteous. I have received a tremendous benefit from this practice, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in need of chiropractic care."

M.S., age 61

"Convenient scheduling and a very family-friendly environment. Highly effective back and neck treatment."

C.P., age 30

"My experience has been life-changing. I am without pain now in my back for the first time in years. There is never a wait of more than 5 minutes, usually no wait. These folks are friendly, professional and great at what they do. I would absolutely recommend South Square Chiropractic."

M.C., age 45

“Chester Palumbo has been my Chiropractor for 28 years. I tried three others before, with little or no results. My low back pain was interfering with my work and Dr. Palumbo helped me through the stressful years. I still see him every few weeks to keep my whole skeletal frame in shape. Aging and arthritis are managed without drugs. I will always be his patient.”

R.M., age 67

“A word of thanks to Dr. Palumbo and his warm, friendly office manager and Gal Friday, Anne, for the continuously life-enhancing care that they provide me and my family. Dr. Palumbo is genuinely caring and expertly knowledgeable about not only chiropractic medicine, but about dietary supplements and practical, common-sense approaches to healing all sorts of health issues. I had been suffering from severe back pain from a C-section surgery. I am sooo much better!! My mom also now visits Dr. Palumbo regularly. She is enjoying a greatly improved quality of life after years of back issues from old car accident injuries. Dr. Palumbo and Anne are truly life-changing. Thanks, ya’ll!"

J.D., age 39

"I've been seeing Dr. Palumbo for adjustments for probably eight years now. As a former dancer and a current triathlete and personal trainer, I am constantly pushing my body in ways that sometimes put my body into misalignment. Dr. P has always helped to bring me back to my most symmetrical, aligned self. He knows the intricacies of the body, and how the body mechanics of daily living as well as sport-specific exercise can mold or shape the skeleton. He is a highly-skilled and caring chiropractor to whom I consistently refer my family, friends and clients."

L.S., age 23

“Dr. Palumbo listens to my symptoms and pain, and works with me on those issues. He works around my schedule in re-scheduling appointments when necessary for me. Dr. Palumbo gives me great suggestions for managing my pain.”

B.P., age 72

“Dear Dr. Palumbo,

I can never thank you and your staff enough for all your kindness and professional care over the past several years.

As you recall, I have broken a majority of bones in my body; you could say I have been put together with nuts and bolts, feeling like Humpty Dumpty!

Being a very active sports person, my life as I knew it was just a memory. Hospital beds, surgeries, wheelchairs, braces, crutches, and canes became my new way of life.

You introduced me to a homeopathic healthcare way of life with supplements – glucosamine, pain and inflammation remedy, boswellia complex, and tuna omega-3 oil. With the use of supplements together with your chiropractic adjustments, my everyday swelling, aches, and pains began to subside.
Recently I was restricted from all medication and supplements due to medical circumstances unrelated. Sleepless nights from swelling, aches, and pains returned. I was once again on my way to the hospital for knee surgery. Fortunately, I was permitted to return to my supplement regimen you recommended, and within no time at all I was feeling relief. I still have a knee injury; however, I no longer require the surgery at this time.

Not only am I a firm believer in your chiropractic approach and nutrition supplements, I am living proof. You have provided me with the tools I needed to be where I am today. I am once again walking without apparatus, biking, hiking, kayaking and swimming.

Forever Grateful”
J.R., age 54

“Every visit to South Square Chiropractic has been pleasant! Dr. Palumbo and his staff are always friendly, and I leave feeling better each time!”

S.G., age 33

“What can I say? I have been coming to Dr. Palumbo for over 14 years. I consider it one of my safe havens. When I am in his office I feel a personal concern for me, as a person as well as a client. He doesn’t just treat me physically. I always feel safe and comfortable, and for a small fee I feel better – every time! Where else can you get all that in today’s world?”

B.M., age 61

“I have been to countless doctors for neck, shoulder, & back pain. A close friend who happens to be a patient of Dr. Palumbo suggested that I give it a try. Quite frankly, I was tired of over-the-counter meds which only provided temporary relief. For years I had been a skeptic but, running out of options, I decided to give Dr. Palumbo a try. On my first visit to the office, I was nervous. I am probably his loudest patient thus far! I recall screaming – out of an unfounded notion of fear – when I heard the movement of several bones as he adjusted my neck, shoulder, and spine. I did not know what he was doing, but it sure felt good once he was done. I could not believe the noticeable change in the way I felt after my first visit! Dr. Palumbo is trustworthy, professional, courteous, and easy to talk to; he listens to his patients. Anne, the receptionist, is also nice. Dr. Palumbo truly has healing hands! I strongly and sincerely recommend him. He has exceeded my expectations!”

T.D., age 49

“About 4 years ago, my nerves were all over the place; I didn’t know what was going on. All that my doctors could do was to give me muscle relaxers and pain pills. It did help, but I wanted something to put things back in place. One day my daughter says to me, ‘Mom, why don’t you try a chiropractor?’ and I did. It really, really helped; it works for me! On those days when I feel as though I am tied up in knots, Dr. Palumbo has a magician’s hand; he has a way of releasing all of your knots and tightness. Once he’s finished I feel like a brand new person. Thank you, Dr. Palumbo. Thank you, South Square Chiropractic. Keep up the good work. I will highly recommend you for better spine health.”

J.G., age 62

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